alcohol 12.0%
100% sauvignon blanc
age of vineyard – 30 years
harvest date – july 09 and 10, 2020
bottling date – march 29, 2021
packed in a carton box of 6 bottles
4,500 0.75 l bottles

Many have called Sauvignon the wine of kings, and Litterarii Sauvignon will let you know why this is so. Sauvignon Blanc has a distinct sparkling greenish color, a pleasant and discreet body, gentle alcohol, and a long finish. It has a crunchy freshness accompanied by accentuated minerality. You can feel the floral scents of elderberry with herbal notes of freshly cut grass and asparagus, and on the edge of the sensation we can notice sharper aromas such as peppers and black pepper.

Compared to other varieties, the Sauvignon Blanc is harvested extremely early. The reason for this lies in the desire to achieve a synergy of aromatic complexity and freshness in the future wine. After harvesting in the late hours of the night, grape processing takes place by pressing entire bunches at low pressures under inert conditions without the presence of oxygen. The entire technological approach to the production of this wine strives to emphasize the quality of the aroma, the expressiveness of the body, and the harmony of the freshness of the future wine.

Sauvignon Blanc goes wonderfully with various dishes, primarily mussels and carpaccio.