Anyone who visits Zelina’s area of Prigorje will find the deep, green peace of the vineyard-covered hills dotted with castles, mansions, and chapels. These castles and country houses were once inhabited by the nobility because this has always been a peaceful and gentle area, as though created for enjoyment, rest and contemplation.

Litterarii places its viticulture and wine production in one of such manors – the Nespeš manor house, built in 1794 as a country estate. Wine has been produced in the cellar of the Nespeš manor house since ancient times – the manor often changed owners, but wine production never ceased, even when the manor house was converted into a primary school after the Second World War.


Today, our school is run by Goran Hanžek, whose experience and knowledge guarantee that Litterarii is worth the attention of all curious and wine lovers. Today, our school is a school in nature that teaches us about a more fulfilled life, in which there is less stress, but in which we can find more satisfaction and gratitude for everything gained, acquired, and experienced.

The blue-green impression of the landscape, the peace and quiet and the aromas, the tastes and smells of the country will stay with us forever, as a warm lesson from a better, more fulfilled life.

Litterarii wines are elegant and aromatic wines created with love and experience, wines that reflect the richness of taste and aroma of this hilly region – every glass we drink while walking through a quiet vineyard or with a superbly prepared dinner will show us a new pleasure.

The Nespeš manor house, home of Litterarii wines, is a school where the best grade we can achieve is a great feeling of fulfillment and a richer life, and it is truly a real pleasure to be a student at this school.

Litterarii, a school for a more fulfilled life


The name Litterarii comes from the Latin name for a primary school, ludus litterarius, but also from the Latin rarus, meaning rare, special, and unusual, which perfectly reflects our philosophy and our wines.

Litterarii combines its educational and winemaking tradition with the personality of the owner in a unique way, thus intertwining the past marked by generations of teachers with the continuum of viticultural and winemaking existence of the Nespeš manor house.


Our team is small, but united. You could say we are like a family, because we are a family. We are driven by a love of wine, gastronomy and the good life; we are guided by the expertise and oenological experience gained over the years, and we are driven by passion and enthusiasm.

Our winery is founded and run by Goran Hanžek, who has been actively participating in the Croatian wine scene for more than 30 years. Thus far, Goran has realized several significant oenological projects, such as the Meneghetti Winery in Istria. His experience, knowledge and respect for nature are the best guarantees of the quality of Litterarii wine.

GORAN HANŽEK – founder and owner
MATEA HANŽEK – CEO and marketing
MARIN RIMAC – director of sales
ŽELJKO ANDABAKA – winemaker (oenologist)
TOMISLAV DREMPETIĆ – assistant winemaker (oenologist)
IVICA SUŠEC – winegrower
IRENA HANŽEK – events and design
STJEPAN JURČEC – design and development