alcohol 12.5%
100% chardonnay – blend of 2 clones
age of vineyard – 30 years
harvest date – july 12 – 23, 2020
bottling date – march 30, 2021
packed in a carton box of 6 bottles
3,500 0.75 l bottles

Our Chardonnay is green and yellow in color and pleasing to the eye. It has an elegant body, moderate extract, pleasant alcohol, and accentuated freshness. Its structure is harmonious and abundant with beautiful minerality. The scents are fluttering, combining aromas of tropical and Mediterranean fruits – pineapple, mango, lemon, and grapefruit – with traces of meadow herbs, vanilla, and almonds.

The complexity of the scent stems from the production technology during which the maturation on the sediment is combined with the freshness and flutter of the fermentations. After manual harvesting, processing is done by pressing whole grapes. After fermentation, part of the wine is aged for several months in tanks on a sediment according to the bâtonnage process, and part of the wine in five-hundred-liter tonneaux barrels made of French and American oak.

Chardonnay goes well with fish dishes, but also with more tender meat delicacies.