alcohol 12.5%
50% chardonnay, 25% rhine riesling, 20% grüner silvaner, 5% sauvignon blanc
aged in wooden barrels – tonneaux of 500 l (french oak)
600 0.75 l bottles
packed in a carton box of 6 bottles
harvest date – july 23 2020

  • * available from mid-2022.

Litterarii Magnum Opus was created by careful selection of all grape varieties from the best locations of our vineyards at the Nespeš location. The proportion of varieties of this cuvée contains the elegance and expressiveness of the wine-growing year. After the fermentation is completed, the best selections of assorted wines are selected and blended. Litterarii Magnum Opus matures on its sediment in five-hundred-liter tonneaux French oak barrels for up to a year, and then for as long in the bottle.

Litterarii Magnum Opus is a wine of a straw, amber color. Its structure is velvety, with pronounced minerality and duration, and the freshness is robust and crunchy. The aromas are extremely complex, and the scents of toasted almonds are intertwined with the aromas of meadow flowers and medicinal herbs. Hints of elderberry, citrus and vineyard peach scents.

This unique wine with a rich aroma is produced in a limited collection of up to a thousand bottles a year and can only be enjoyed by visitors to our mansion. It is an impressive wine that always eagerly welcomes and repeatedly rewards thse who love it.